Waffle House CEO Says Sex Charges Untrue

by Christopher Freeburn | November 14, 2012 11:50 am

law book and gavel[1]The head of restaurant chain Waffle House has denied allegations from a woman who claims he demanded sexual favors in exchange for keeping her job[2].

Joe W. Rogers issued a statement on Tuesday in which he said he had engaged in consensual sex with the woman, whom he identified as his long-time housekeeper, but had never forced her to have sex with him or threatened to fire her if she didn’t, CBS News noted.

According to news reports, the woman filed a complaint with Atlanta police in October, alleging that Rogers had attempted to force her to have sex with him in addition to other sexual abuse during the nearly 10 years she worked for him.

Rogers conceded that he had engaged in sex with the woman, who was employed as his housekeeper from 2003 to 2008. She was later employed as his house manager until she resigned earlier this year.

After she left, Rogers said he received a letter from her lawyer demanding compensation for the alleged abuse. Both parties filed suit. On Tuesday, a judged lifted a gag order so that Rogers could make a statement to the media.

The court has requested that the woman reveal videos she apparently recorded over their sexual encounters. Rogers’ attorney called the videos a criminal breach of Georgia’s privacy laws.

In his statement, Rogers called himself “a victim of my own stupidity” but said he planned to fight the “extortion” that his former employee was committing against him.

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