4 Super Cool Gadgets for Christmas Shopping

by Hilary Kramer | December 10, 2012 10:00 am

With the Christmas holiday season now in full swing, we’re always looking for the next present, and certainly the next cool present, to put under the tree.

Here are 4 of the latest and greatest gifts to be found

1) Ultra-Portable-Virtual Keyboard [1]

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with sending out a long e-mail via my Blackberry. So when I came across the virtual keyboard by Brookstone, I was really excited. It’s a keychain that you can attach to your bag, and when you need to type, you simply unhook the keychain and plug it in to your USB or Bluetooth. It will project a laser keyboard onto any flat surface. Now you have the option to type on a keyboard that is more than two inches long. Read more…[2]

2) Magic Mirror[3]

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC[4]) has designed a new, high-tech mirror that shows how clothes will look on a consumer without them having to try them on. All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror, and voila! You’ll see if the outfit you picked is worth buying. Think of this as a digital-fitting room. You can try on clothes without changing out of what you wore to the store. It’s doing extremely well in Europe, and I expect it to hit the U.S. in the next three to five years. Read more…[5]

3) StickNFind[6]

Let me introduce you to the StickNFind, the simplest finding system that has cropped up lately. This bit of tech is a little piece of adhesive tape and an app you download onto your smartphone. You tag the items you lose the most (keys, remote, or even your pet) with the adhesive tape.

Once tagged, if you ever lose one of those items, your phone will find it for you! A display on the phone will show you how far away your missing item is. If it is out of range, the app will alert you when the item is back in range. It’s simple, effective, and can save you from tearing your house apart. Read more…[7]

4) Owlet Baby Monitor[8]

There are plenty of baby monitors on the market that allow you to hear and see your baby when you can’t be in the room. But, the Owlet is the only monitor that alerts parents if their baby stops breathing. If the monitor registers a negative change in breathing or heart rate, it will send out a text alert to notify you of the change.If you’re worried that your baby will be sleeping in a tangle of wires, you don’t need to be. The monitor straps around the child’s foot and is worn like a sock. This monitor will allow parents a faster time to react if their baby becomes ill. Read more…[9]

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