IBM: Computers Will Have All Five Senses

by Nate Wooley | December 18, 2012 9:21 am

If you believe International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM[1]), computers will be able to take in and understand all five human senses within the next half-decade.

IBM Chief Innovation Officer Bernard Meyerson predicts that computers will be able to do these things in the firm’s annual “5 in 5” list[2]. The list details five things each year that IBM believes will happen in the next five years.

Meyerson says the coming revolution in cognitive computing will alter the way people interact with computers. Computers with the ability to both understand the human senses and relay that information to users will widen the world for those with access to smartphones and tablet computers.

Meyerson writes that, when computers are enabled with human senses, machines will be able to better understand and interact with the world than now possible. He estimates the difference between today’s computers and the upcoming cognitive computing will be similar to the difference between old-style Univac computers — calculators that took up a whole room — and today’s machines.

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