Jobs That Rake in the Biggest Tips

by Christopher Freeburn | December 4, 2012 1:33 pm

Jobs Newspaper Classified Wanted[1]Some jobs earn big tips. While some of them can be readily guessed, others might come as a surprise.

CNNMoney assembled a list of 10 jobs that yield the biggest tips from satisfied customers[2].

For more information on each job and the way tip income was determined, check out CNNMoney[13].

  1. [Image]:
  2. yield the biggest tips from satisfied customers:
  3. Exotic Dancer:
  4. Gaming Table Dealer :
  5. Sommelier :
  6. Bartender:
  7. Bar Manager:
  8. Banquet Captain:
  9. Waiters and Waitresses:
  10. Butler:
  11. Chauffeur :
  12. Hotel Floor Manager:
  13. check out CNNMoney:

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