McDonald’s Employee Fired for Excessive Use of Sprinkles

by Nate Wooley | December 19, 2012 12:33 pm

McDonald's NYSE:MCD[1]Sarah Finch, of Carmathen, Wales, has been awarded £3,000 for being wrongfully dismissed from her job at McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[2]).

The trial stemmed from Finch’s firing for gross misconduct and giving away free food, The Daily Mail reports[3]. Her crime? She put extra chocolate sprinkles on a McFlurry that was purchased by another worker at the restaurant. The worker asked her to “make it a nice one.”

At the time of the firing, a manager of the restaurant wrote in a letter to Finch’s mother, “Your daughter has admitted giving away food without receiving payment. This is classed as gross misconduct as per my Employee Handbook, the consequence is dismissal. You may feel it is trivial, but with 740 employees in my business, if my team were to overlook such incidents, then it would quickly become a free-for-all.”

Finch, whose performance reviews listed her as an “exceptional employee,” decided to take her case to the local employment tribunal. A mediation firm awarded the £3,000 to her after hearing both sides. The restaurant admits to no liability in the settlement.

Finch is a student working to put herself through school. She is receiving A-levels in chemistry, physics and biology.

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