NBC and Yahoo Team Up in Sports Deal

by Nate Wooley | December 10, 2012 9:43 am

[1]Yahoo (NASDAQ:YHOO[2]) and NBC Sports, owned by Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA[3]), are teaming up for a new sports partnership.

The two will share content and presence while maintaining separate newsrooms and websites, The Associated Press reports[4]. On-air and online personalities from both companies will use new video content the partnership produces. The new coverage will appear on both websites as a supplement to existing programming.

The agreement allows both firms to bring their strengths to the table, as Yahoo will provide online fantasy sports and college coverage while NBC Sports will contribute its video capabilities and high-profile broadcasters.

Yahoo has aggressively sought out partnerships with established media firms recently. This is the third partnership the firm has formed with an NBC property, to start. On top of that, the company already has a deal with ABC News, which is owned by Disney (NYSE:DIS[5]).

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