Oreo Sends 5,000 Cookies to Antarctica

by Nate Wooley | December 18, 2012 12:02 pm

[1] On Dec. 14, Mondelez‘s (NASDAQ:MDLZ[2]) Nabisco division delivered 5,000 Oreos south — way south — to scientists at Antarctica’s Palmer Station.

The cookies were dropped off as a part of a promotion surrounding the 100th anniversary of the popular sandwich cookie, Mediapost reports[3]. Also at the delivery was the Oreo Man and a solar-powered “penguin cam” that was donated to the research facility.

The gifts were accepted by Dr. James McClintock, a professor from the University of Alabama at Birmingham who studies polar and marine biology. In a press release, McClintock said, “Having a chance to enjoy an Oreo cookie and a glass of milk is like having a little piece of home here in the station.”

The researchers also are plenty excited about the camera, which they plan to use to study penguin behavior, then share those images with the world. They hope to have it active in January.

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