Retailer in Hot Water Over NYC Beggar-Inspired Wallet

by Nate Wooley | December 10, 2012 11:32 am

[1]Crate & Barrel has apologized for selling a “Lucky Beggar Wallet.”

The item — a wallet shaped like a paper coffee cup — was available from the chain’s store for young adults, CB2. The wallet had a coffee cup look with a squeezed top and a zipper, and sold for $15.95, Jezebel reports[2].

The marketing copy for the product made light of the homeless by saying, “Inspired by the iconic blue and white coffee cup often seen in the hands of New York City panhandlers, this quirky wallet begs to be seen.”

The firm issued a public apology via a tweet last week, saying, “We made a bad decision when we purchased this product & have pulled it from stores & online. Please accept our deepest apologies,” Adweek reports[3].

The wallet’s creator, Kikkerland Design, is still selling the wallet independently.

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