Salvation Army Bell Ringer Does the Unthinkable

by Nate Wooley | December 19, 2012 12:15 pm

[1]A salvation army bell ringer is under arrest in Plano, Texas, for stealing from his own kettle.

The bell ringer, Gregory Vaughn, was hired to collect money for the Salvation Army outside the Walmart (NYSE:WMT[2]) in Plano last week, CBS reports[3]. What the organizers of the fundraising drive didn’t know was that Vaughn would be helping himself to the money.

After being seen acting suspiciously, Vaughn was videotaped by passerby Michael Kenton, who used his smartphone to record Vaughn taking the donations out of the familiar red kettle and putting them in his own pocket.

Police, after viewing the video, seized the money and charged Vaughn with a Class C misdemeanor of stealing less than $50.

Major Ward Matthews of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Salvation Army told CBS, “”The Salvation is a place of second chances and this individual took advantage of the good faith we placed in him.”

Most bell ringers are volunteers. Vaughn was hired because he needed a job. He has subsequently been fired.

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