Dov Charney Accused of Insulting, Attacking Employee

by Christopher Freeburn | December 4, 2012 11:39 am

law book and gavel[1]A former employee is suing American Apparel (AMEX:AAP[2]) and its CEO Dov Charney in California Superior Court, alleging the fashion king assaulted him, called him derogatory names and then fired him for complaining[3].

Michael Bumblis, a former store manager for American Apparel, claims that Charney screamed abuse at him, calling him a “Jew” and a “fag” during a telephone conversation. Several weeks later, Bumblis says Charney physically attacked him at a Malibu store, choking him and wiping dirt on his face,  Courthouse News Service noted.

When he attempted to report the abuse to American Apparel’s human resources department, he says he was warned that he would be fired if he filed a complaint. Bumblis said even though he didn’t filed a complaint, he was fired anyway.

Bumblis also claimed that American Apparel employees were forced to sign confidentiality agreements to prevent them from discussing what happens at the company.  He is seeking unspecified damages.

It isn’t the first time Charney has been sued for bad behavior. There have been at least 25 lawsuits filed against him, including shareholder class action suits and employees who alleged sexual harassment.

In addition to the litigation, Charney has gained a reputation for outrageous conduct, reportedly masturbating on front of a female magazine reporter in 2004.

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