35 Household Names To Sell Right Away

by Louis Navellier | January 24, 2013 9:04 pm

Now that the House has voted to suspend the debt ceiling for nearly four months, Wall Street and Main Street alike can breathe a little easier. This, combined with unusually strong earnings reports from the tech sector[1] (Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL[2]) notwithstanding), had investors in a good mood, so we saw a modest rally Thursday[3].

Unfortunately, I don’t expect this to last. What’s happening right now is that we’re in the midst of fourth-quarter earnings season, and usually the strong earnings announcements come out early and the weak announcements tend to come a little later. So I expect that market to become pretty bumpy around the second week of February.

Want to know my take on how to navigate the potentially choppy trading action to come? Trim your portfolio of all dead weight. I’m talking about all of the companies that have announced mixed earnings results or have sloppy guidance looking forward. Of course, it can be tedious reviewing the latest earnings results for each of your companies, so I’ve broken down the top 35 big blue chips that you should steer clear of.

Symbol Company Name Quantitative Fundamental Total
AA[4] Alcoa F D Strong Sell
ABX[5] Barrick Gold F D Strong Sell
AMAT[6] Applied Materials D D Sell
APA[7] Apache F D Strong Sell
BBY[8] Best Buy F D Strong Sell
BHI[9] Baker Hughes F D Strong Sell
BSX[10] Boston Scientific D D Sell
CAJ[11] Canon F D Sell
CHK[12] Chesapeake Energy F D Strong Sell
CS[13] Credit Suisse D D Sell
CVX[14] Chevron D D Sell
CXO[15] Concho Resources F D Strong Sell
DD[16] E.I. DuPont F D Sell
DVN[17] Devon Energy F D Strong Sell
ECA[18] Encana C D Sell
ETR[19] Entergy F D Sell
GT[20] Goodyear Tire & Rubber D D Sell
HPQ[21] Hewlett-Packard F F Strong Sell
JCI[22] Johnson Controls D D Sell
JCP[23] J.C. Penney F D Strong Sell
MET[24] MetLife F D Strong Sell
MU[25] Micron Technology F D Sell
NB[26] Noble Energy D D Sell
NEM[27] Newmont Mining F D Strong Sell
NOK[28] Nokia D D Sell
NSC[29] Norfolk Southern F D Strong Sell
NUE[30] Nucor C D Sell
PC[31] Panasonic F D Strong Sell
POT[32] Potash F D Sell
PRU[33] Prudential Financial F D Strong Sell
PXD[34] Pioneer Natural Resources D D Sell
SE[35] Spectra Energy F D Strong Sell
SPLS[36] Staples F D Sell
TLM[37] Talisman Energy D F Sell
VOD[38] Vodafone F D Sell

To wrap up, the best thing you can do to prepare (and to weather the current choppy trading activity) is invest solely in companies with the best earnings prospects. Of course, the best place to start is to run your portfolio through my Portfolio Grader screening tool. It doesn’t take much to see that sticking to A- and B-rated stocks pays off big in the long run.

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