A GM-Isuzu Pickup Truck in Your Driveway?

by Nate Wooley | January 10, 2013 10:27 am

General Motors[1]Two automotive giants, General Motors (NYSE:GM[2]) and Isuzu (PINK:ISUZY[3]) will soon be in discussions to build a truck together.

GM released a statement Wednesday confirming the talks will occur, Reuters reports[4], though it didn’t offer any details about the project or its timing. A report in the Japanese press says an agreement will be signed later this month in a meeting between the heads of the two companies.

The companies will team up to produce a new, modern pickup truck. The firms have worked together on such products in the past, notably producing Chevy’s Colorado line of pickups, which Isuzu sold as the “i-Series”

Also, they may expand the discussions to include whether GM will purchase a stake in the Japanese carmaker. GM has in the past held as much of 49% of Isuzu but over time divested its stake. A GM spokeman had no comment for Reuters about it.

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