Broadway Condones Smartphone Use in ‘Tweet Seats’

by Nate Wooley | January 28, 2013 9:11 am

[1]Some theaters are beginning to see the benefit of something long thought rude: using a smartphone during a live performance.

Theaters on Broadway and elsewhere are beginning to add a section called “tweet seats,” The Washington Post reports[2]. In the seats, patrons are allowed to use their smartphones to tweet messages about the performance provided they use a special hashtag about the show. Theatergoers can tweet about anything that catches their eye. The stars, the set and the script are all fair game.

To some, using smartphones and social media while at a performance detracts from the enjoyment. But some theaters are even permitting actors to tweet during the performance as a means of using social media to connect backstage to the audience. A theater in Boston, for example, is working with the idea of a ” twittermission” where a member of the cast answers tweeted questions during the show’s intermission.

For now, it’s an experiment in progress. It’s yet to be seen whether the idea of connecting with the audience using social media will boost box office sales.

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