Coke’s Super Bowl Ad Has Some Crying Racism

by Christopher Freeburn | January 31, 2013 10:08 am

[1]Coca-Cola‘s (NYSE:KO[2]) latest Super Bowl advertisement is being denounced as racist[3] by an Arab-American group.

The ad, a short portion of which hit the Internet last week, features a traditionally dressed Arab making his way across a desert with a camel as a cast of odd characters speed by him, apparently racing with each other to reach an enormous bottle of Coca-Cola.

A representative of the The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) said that the ad depicts Arabs as “backward and foolish Camel Jockeys.” The group says it will ask the soft drink giant to change the ad before it airs during this weekend’s game, the Christian Science Monitor notes.

This isn’t the first time the ADC has objected to a TV ad. It similarly denounced as racist the lyrics to Disney‘s (NYSE:DIS[4]) 1992 animated movie, Aladdin.

Coca-Cola will air the ad during Super Bowl XLVII., which airs on CBS (NYSE:CBS[5]) this Sunday.

Rival PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP[6]) is partnering with beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD[7]) on a joint marketing campaign[8] to promote Bud Light, Doritos and Pepsi at selected grocery locations before the Super Bowl.

Shares of Coca-Cola slipped fractionally in Thursday morning trading.

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