Employee Caught Outsourcing His Work So He Could Surf Web

by Nate Wooley | January 17, 2013 12:59 pm

[1]A software developer managed to find himself a unique way to get in trouble with his bosses.

The man, who was being paid to code, had found a consulting firm in China to do his work for him, ABC News reports[2]. He turned over his employee login and password to the other firm and came into work each day to surf the Web and watch cat videos.

The man was caught when the security team for the company, described only as U.S.-based, noticed that its system was being accessed from a computer in China on a regular basis. They asked Verzion Enterprise Solutions (NYSE:VZ[3]) to perform some security analysis on the network logs, and the employee’s secret was out.

Andrew Valentine, at Verizon, detailed the actions of the man he calls “Bob” actions in a blog post[4]:

Bob’s performance reviews were uniformly high. He was rated as one of the best coders in the building.

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