FaceWash App Scrubs Away Your Dirty Facebook Past

by Christopher Freeburn | January 24, 2013 12:15 pm

[1]People who don’t want potential employers, or perhaps potential spouses, to discover off-putting material on their Facebook (NASDAQ:FB[2]) accounts, now have an app to clean them up[3].

FaceWash uses a list of words associated with various forms of inappropriate behavior to scan your Facebook pages and remove content that might prove embarrassing, including links, pictures, comments, status updates and other content users might have “liked,” PC Magazine notes.

Users can add their own set of terms to a generic list FaceWash uses to flag and remove content. The app generates a list if entries for users to review before they’re deleted or made private.

However, since the service uses text to identify undesirable content, it cannot ferret out photos that are posted without accompanying text descriptions.

Perhaps not surprisingly, FaceWash was conceived by recent college graduates, from Kent State University. The app is aimed at college grads who wish to conceal evidence of their prior antics as they enter the job market.

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