Ford to Hire 2,200 Salaried Workers This Year

by Nate Wooley | January 11, 2013 10:09 am

Ford[1]Automaker Ford (NYSE:F[2]), on the heels of doubling its dividend[3], announced Friday that it would be hiring up to 2,200 new employees.

Most of the hiring is planned for the firm’s engineering, manufacturing and information technology departments based in the U.S., Reuters reports[4]. The additional staff will assist with the firm’s new vehicle lineup and the development of new products.

Ford says that the move is its largest increase in salaried positions in more than ten years. The firm’s 2006 staff employed 38,600 workers, while before this move it employed 28,400. In the past, it has filled many roles with temporary or contract labor. Many of the new hires will fill those positions while some will be filling vacant or newly created slots.

In 2011, Ford and the United Autoworkers agreed that the firm would create 12,000 hourly positions by 2015. It added 8,100 hourly and salaried workers last year.

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