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Government Agency Changes Mind on Gassy Employee

Employee had been written up for excessive farting


An employee of the Social Security Administration that had been reprimanded for excessive farting has had the complaint revoked by higher-ups.

The man’s supervisors had earlier written him up for being too gassy in his workspace and irritating his co-workers, Mediabistro reports. It began in May 2012 when a supervisor told him that other employees were having trouble working due to his “uncontrollable flatulence.” The placement of a fan only served to spread the smell around.

Over 12 weeks, supervisors documented the employee’s incidents of uncontrolled farting. The log of the incidents makes for … entertaining reading.

After the news of his being reprimanded made an appearance on The Smoking Gun, however, managers at the SSA higher than the man’s supervisors became aware of the situation. Knowing what sort of stink this could cause, they quickly stifled the complaints against the man, thinking this is the sort of thing that should be contained.

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