McDonald’s Brings Chicken Wings to 500 More Locations

by Nate Wooley | January 8, 2013 9:24 am

[1]McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[2]) is beginning a test of its Mighty Wings in the Chicago area after an Atlanta-based test last year, The Chicago Sun-Times reports[3]. Scheduled for 500 stores in the Chicagoland area, the latest test will see the wings sold in packages of three, five and 10 pieces, with a starting price of $3.

The fast-food giant didn’t say whether it plans to add Mighty Wings as a permanent part of its menu. It may be that the wings become a recurrent item, such as the popular McRib sandwich, which appears and disappears each year to great fanfare.

McDonald’s has seen good results from periodically bringing popular items back to the menu instead of making them available year-round. Earlier, it said it planned to increase the number of its periodic menu items.

Another factor in determining how McDonald’s will treat its wings is cost. As more restaurants offer chicken wings, the price has climbed. Wholesale chicken wings rose 26% over the last year.

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