New Bracelets Will Change the Way You Do Disney

by Nate Wooley | January 7, 2013 1:49 pm

Disneyland DIS[1]A new bracelet at Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS[2]) theme parks could completely alter the way the company interacts with its guests.

That’s what Disney is hoping to provide for its patrons with it’s new MyMagic+ system. The system, in which guests wear rubber MagicBand bracelets with identifying microchips, allows guests to enter parks, reserve ride times and purchase souvenirs and food … all with just a swing of the arm, The New York Times reports[3].

While making the guest’s experience easier, the new system does raise privacy concerns. Disney always has been an aggressive collector of its customer’s spending habits, and the MyMagic+ system means all behavior in the company’s theme parks will be tracked and the data collated so Disney can better target buying opportunities to its guests.

For instance, Disney says the characters will be able to greet guests by name before being introduced to them. Characters also will be informed about guest information, including whether the guest is celebrating a special event such as a birthday.

However, those leery of the new technology need not worry — Disney is not requiring the use of MagicBands, and guests have some control over the information gathered by the system.

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