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Cat Beats Financial Experts on Stock Picks

The feline came from behind to win at year's end


Teams of British professional financial experts and students were bested in 2012 stock picks by a orange cat named Orlando, The Guardian notes.

The newspaper challenged the professionals and students to invest an imaginary £5,000 in companies listed on the FTSE All-Share Index, and then monitored the performance of their picks, which could be periodically adjusted, over the year. Orlando eschewed heavy financial research and chose his stocks by tossing a toy onto the pages of the Financial Times.

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JPMorgan’s Top Five Energy Picks for 2013

Through September, the financial professionals were in the lead, producing profits of £497, while Orlando’s picks generated just £292.

However, the last quarter of the year upset the results, putting the cat on top. At the close of 2012, Orlando’s portfolio had earned an average of 4.2%, or £542.60 for the year. The professionals earned just £176.60.

Orlando’s success reignited a debate over whether professional stock-pickers can really outperform random fluctuations in share prices. The cat has been rewarded with a new red collar for his success, while the students and financial professionals were left to lick their wounded reputations.

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