Stevie Wonder Hit With Amusing Tax Lien

by Nate Wooley | January 15, 2013 8:58 am

Legendary musician Stevie Wonder, writer of such hits as Isn’t She Lovely and Superstition, has been hit with a humorous tax lien.

The California Department of Revenue says that Wonder owes the state government $138, TMZ is reporting[1]. The amount stems from a $40 lien and $98 worth of interest and penalties.

Wonder, who will perform at President Obama’s inaugural, has not commented publicly on the tax issue.

Recently, the singer was in the news when he partnered with actor Charlie Sheen[2]. The two donated more than $100,000 to Jasmine Faulk. Faulk, a 10-year-old, has been diagnosed with cancer, and the money is for her legal bills.

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