Subway Faces Questions Over 11-Inch ‘Footlong’

by Christopher Freeburn | January 17, 2013 11:52 am

[1]Call it the “Not-Quite-Foot-Long” scandal. Popular sandwich chain Subway is facing questions from consumers about the actual size of its much-promoted “Footlong” sandwiches[2].

The controversy began when an Australian man took a picture of what he claims was a Subway “Footlong” sandwich alongside a measuring tape, which showed the sandwich as just 11-inches long, the NBC Connecticut noted.

After he posted the photo on Subway’s Facebook (NASDAQ:FB[3]) page, it began to receive worldwide attention and comments.

Subway told NBC Connecticut that it maintains strict standards at its 38,000 restaurants around the world, but that the sandwich in the photograph did not appear to meet those standards. The company indicated that it has contacted the customer and is working with its franchisees to make certain its sandwiches are in compliance with its policies.

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