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Town Bans Sale of Bottled Water

Concord, Mass., aims to reduce its plastic waste


Don’t expect to buy a quick drink of water in Concord, Mass. The town has passed a bill prohibiting the sale of  individual bottles smaller than one liter, the BBC reports. It enacted the ordinance hoping to put a brake on the amount of plastic waste its citizens generate.

The ban applies only to water; other bottled drinks are exempt. Residents or visitors who purchase the banned bottles outside Concord aren’t in danger of becoming lawbreakers. But Concord shopkeepers who sell the bottles face a warning for a first offense, a $25 fine for second offenses and $50 fines thereafter.

Jean Hill, the driving force behind the ordinance, is quoted as saying: “What I’m trying to do with this bylaw is to increase the barriers to buying single-serve bottled water. In order to help people change, you need to put policies in place that steer them away from buying bottled water and toward considering the many other good alternatives.”

Americans consume over 50 billion bottles of water each year. The industry claims that the bottles are an essential part of modern American life.

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