Woman Fights to Keep Her Fish Pedicure Business Open

by Nate Wooley | January 16, 2013 12:16 pm

[1]A woman in Phoenix, Ariz., is fighting the government’s attempt to close her pedicure shop.

Cindy Vong operates a nail salon in the Phoenix suburbs. In 2008, she expanded her business to include fish pedicures, ABC News reports[2]. In a fish pedicure, the customer submerges her feet into a tank containing small fish that then nibble away dead skin.

Six months after starting her fish pedicure service, the Arizona Board of Cosmetology shut her down for health reasons. The board argued that the fish could not be sanitized between customers and therefore created a threat to public health.

With the help of the Goldwater Institute, Vong is now suing to reopen her spa. The organization specializes in assisting cases where it believes the government has intruded on the rights of citizens and businesses. Said Goldwater President Darcy Olsen, “A threat to her business is a threat to every American business, and that’s why we’re fighting the case.”

Vong is not seeking monetary damages, only the right to reopen.

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