Did Woman Die From Drinking Too Much Coke?

by Christopher Freeburn | February 12, 2013 11:30 am

hand grabbing classic coke bottle[1]A coroner says that a New Zealand woman died, in part, from drinking too much Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO[2]).

Natasha Marie Harris died almost two years ago. The local coroner ruled that her death resulted from cardiac arrhythmia stemming from poor nutrition and elevated caffeine consumption, The New Zealand Herald notes.

Harris reportedly drank between six and ten liters of Coca-Cola every day. The regular version of the iconic soft drink contains caffeine. At the rate Harris was said to drink the soda, she was consuming twice amount of caffeine health experts recommend every day.

The coroner who oversaw Harris’s inquest says that Coca-Cola should advise its customers of the dangerous effect of over-consumption of caffeine and has recommended labeling soft drinks with caffeine warnings.

Coca-Cola disputes the findings, arguing that Harris’s death could have resulted from a number of causes. It contends that the coroner did not fully consider Harris’ other health and lifestyle conditions, which included smoking about 30 cigarettes each day and eating only limited amounts of food. Harris reportedly did not visit a physician about her declining health because she was scared of doctors.

Last month, Coca-Cola drew criticism from health advocates in the U.S. after airing a commercial expressing concern about America’s growing obesity epidemic[3].

Shares of Coca-Cola dropped about 2% in Tuesday morning trading.

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