Dyson Putting Hand Driers Right at the Faucet

by Nate Wooley | February 5, 2013 12:26 pm

[1]A new product from Dyson hopes to remove that troublesome 5-foot walk between the sink and the hand dryer on the wall.

The “Airblade Tap” — an invention of James Dyson, the man behind the Dyson vacuum and other products — is a faucet that includes air blowers to dry hands, reports ABC News[2]. The system uses two vents to blast air at up to 420 mph and leaves hands dry in less than 14 seconds.

It took the designers at Dyson seven years to perfect the new faucet. The motor inside the faucet first sucks 30 liters of air per second through a filter before pushing it through the faucet and out multiple tubes to the vents.

Head engineer Marcus Hartley told ABC News that, “We actually have some very precise, very fast-moving air to make sure that we get that kind of indentation in your hand, it actually scrapes the water off your hand.  You want to push the water down and across into the sink.”

The new faucets will debut in airports in New York as well as other cities. They will also be rolled out in Jack in the Box restaurants and Universal Studios in Orlando.

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