Gold Wreath Found in Subway Tunnel

A golden wreath from ancient times has been unearthed by men digging a subway tunnel in Greece.

It’s the ninth time that workers on this particular line have found such a wreath, reports The workers were digging a new set of tunnels in Thessaloniki when the latest wreath was discovered.

The wreath was found in a tomb — described as “box-like” and “Macedonian” — on the head of a body. It has been dated from the Early Hellenistic Era about 2,300 years ago. Made of gold, the wreath features olive leaves. Such wreaths were usually reserved for royalty or the very wealthy.

This wreath is the first to be found since eight were discovered in a woman’s tomb in 2008. In all, more than 23,000 artifacts have been dug up since work on the subway tunnel began.

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