Government Worker Wins $217 Million Lottery

by Christopher Freeburn | February 15, 2013 12:22 pm

[1]A Virginia couple, both employed by the U.S. Department of Defense, are the nation’s newest multi-millionaires[2].

On Thursday, David and Nancy Honeywell claimed the $217 million jackpot from the February 6 drawing of the Powerball lottery. The couple has opted to receive a single pre-tax cash payment of $136 million, the Associated Press noted.

The couple said they weren’t planning to leave their government jobs just yet. David Honeywell was, however, ready to ditch his 13-year-old car.

The husband purchased the winning ticket at the start of a business trip to Denver. When he checked the ticket the morning after the drawing, he realized he had won and promptly called his wife to give her the good news.

Although the Honeywell’s jackpot was hefty, Powerball payouts have gone even higher. In November, the multi-state lottery’s top prize hit $425 million[3].

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