Horse Meat Found in IKEA Meatballs

by Nate Wooley | February 25, 2013 11:33 am

[1]In the latest bit of bad news for European diners, IKEA‘s meatballs have been found to contain horse meat.

The horse meat was detected by Czech authorities in a package of the firm’s iconic Swedish meatballs, reports the Associated Press[2]. The food in question is the firm’s frozen meatballs, which were labeled as being made from beef or pork. The food is packaged in Sweden and distributed in 13 countries across Europe.

The company has stopped shipping the packages from that batch to the countries involved and has recalled them from store shelves. However, it is not stopping shipments to other countries — including the U.S. — that do not receive goods from that production run. Said a spokesman for the company, “Our global recommendation is to not recall or stop selling meatballs.” The firm is now conducting its own tests to validate the earlier findings.

The discovery is the latest in a chain of horse meat discoveries that have tainted the European meat supply for the last few months. Horse meat has been found in products across France, the U.K and Ireland as well as others.

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