NBC.com Now Safe to Visit After Malware Attack

by Nate Wooley | February 22, 2013 9:23 am

NBC News[1]NBC’s website has been cleared of a malicious software program.

NBC.com — the main website for Comcast‘s (NASDAQ:CMCSA[2]) NBC network — was hacked yesterday for an unknown length of time with a virus called the Citadel Trojan, which could infect visitors’ machines, reports Bloomberg[3].

A spokeswoman for NBC told Bloomberg that no user data was compromised. She also said the company is attempting to figure out how the attackers got into the site and exactly how long the virus was in their system.

A trojan virus enters computers by masquerading as a friendly or standard piece of software. Once in a system, it can steal personal information or otherwise compromise the machine’s performance and behavior.

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