Finding the Hidden Opportunities in Super Bowl Commercials

by Louis Navellier | February 4, 2013 6:07 pm

How much does $3.8 million buy? For a handful of the nation’s biggest companies, a 30-second spot during Sunday night’s Super Bowl game.

But as expensive as this ad buy was, some companies are already reaping the benefits of advertising during such a high-profile event. Over 48% of American households tuned in to the 2013 Super Bowl—analysts expect to smash through last year’s record 111 million viewers. This year, there was no doubt that Budweiser’s (NYSE:BUD[1]) touching Clydesdale commercial and Taco Bell’s (NYSE:YUM[2])  “Viva Young” ad were fan favorites, and there were largely positive reactions to this year’s offerings from Toyota (NYSE:TM[3]) and Best Buy (NYSE:BBY[4]).

For the others, were the advertisements good investments? I must admit that I’m curious about some of these big players, so today I’m going to run some of the biggest companies showcased at the 2013 Super Bowl through Portfolio Grader to better assess their profit potential.

(For those of you who haven’t yet used my Portfolio Grader[5] tool to check out your holdings, the Quantitative Grade indicates the current level of buying pressure for the stock while the Fundamental Grade is derived from a weighted blend of eight fundamental variables, including sales and earnings growth.)

Here’s what I found about these companies:

Ticker Company Name Super Bowl Commercial Quantitative Grade Fundamental Grade My Take
BUD[1] Anheuser-Busch InBev Brotherhood (Budweiser)[6] A C Buy[7]
BBY[4] Best Buy Asking Amy[8] F D Sell[9]
KO[10] Coca-Cola Coke Chase 2013[11] C C Hold[12]
ETFC[13] E TRADE Save It[14] D D Sell[15]
MDLZ[16] Mondelez Whisper Fight (Oreos)[17] B C Buy[18]
SKX[19] Skechers Man Vs. Cheetah[20] B C Buy[21]
SODA[22] Sodastream SodaStream Effect[23] C B Buy[24]
TM[3] Toyota Wish Granted[25] B B Buy[26]
YUM[2] Yum! Brands Viva Young (Taco Bell)[27] C B Hold[28]

As you can see, a number of these companies probably need to spend less time shelling out for expensive ad spots and more time cleaning up balance sheet issues. So, while I’m happy to give the ad experts behind these commercials credit for their creativity, you’d be wise to watch them for entertainment only. Any stock ideas are best left to our fundamental and quantitative screens.

  1. BUD:
  2. YUM:
  3. TM:
  4. BBY:
  5. Portfolio Grader:
  6. Brotherhood (Budweiser):
  7. Buy:
  8. Asking Amy:
  9. Sell:
  10. KO:
  11. Coke Chase 2013:
  12. Hold:
  13. ETFC:
  14. Save It:
  15. Sell:
  16. MDLZ:
  17. Whisper Fight (Oreos):
  18. Buy:
  19. SKX:
  20. Man Vs. Cheetah:
  21. Buy:
  22. SODA:
  23. SodaStream Effect:
  24. Buy:
  25. Wish Granted:
  26. Buy:
  27. Viva Young (Taco Bell):
  28. Hold:

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