Why MTV, BET Faked Their Own Twitter Hacking

by Christopher Freeburn | February 20, 2013 12:29 pm

twitter IPO[1]Viacom‘s (NASDAQ:VIAB[2]) cable channels MTV and BET did not have their accounts hacked this week[3].

On Tuesday, the Twitter accounts for both channels suddenly switched logos, making it seem as if hackers had gained access to the accounts. Followers of MTV’s Twitter accounts saw BET’s logo and profile, while BET Twitter followers saw MTV’s logo, the Los Angeles Times noted.

MTV and BET appear to have been trying to boost their own number of Twitter followers with the fake hacking stunt. After about an hour, the two channels issued tweets unmasking the stunt and applauding each other.

On Monday, Burger King‘s (NYSE:BKW[4]) Twitter account was commandeered by hackers, who posted obscene tweets, prompting an apology from the burger chain[5]. The incident may have embarrassed Burger King, but it also saw 30,000 new users start following its Twitter account as news of the hacking spread. The sudden gain in Twitter followers prompted an MTV executive to suggest, via Twitter, that Burger King should have kept the account running all day to gain even more followers.

Also on Tuesday, real hackers siezed control of Jeep’s Twitter account[6], posting fake tweets that the Chrysler brand was being sold to General Motors (NYSE:GM[7]).

Shares of Viacom fell more than 1% in Wednesday midday trading.

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