10 Companies Set to Impress in 2013

by Nate Wooley | March 20, 2013 12:58 pm

Businessman Crossing the Finish Line[1]At the SXSW conference this month, among the glitz of music and movies, there was also a gathering of companies for business starters.

Forbes has put together a list of 10 companies that have the best chance to impress and influence new businesses during 2013[2]. The list covers firms that provide services for new companies as well as those they help them get off the ground.

Here’s the top ten:

  1. Syntellia: Has created Fleksy for iPhone, a new texting system making it easier by providing a keyboard app.
  2. Charlie: Developed an app that makes it easier to find out about people via their social networking profiles.
  3. Younity: Created a system that automatically places documents and files into the cloud without syncing.
  4. Memoto: A shirt-clip camera that records image of a wearer’s day and places location data into the images.
  5. TaskRabbit: Helps busy entrepreneurs find people who are willing to run errands and do other life-chores for a price.
  6. EarlyShares: Helps early-stage companies get funding from local, non-professional investors
  7. IntroNetworks: Connects people with similar or needed skillsets who are in the customer’s immediate area.
  8. Skema: A system that encourages and teaches kids as young as six the skills of coding and innovating.
  9. Rambus: Developed a system that allows users to better share information with each other and between devices.

More information from Forbes on these companies can be seen here[3].

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