5 Awesomely Ridiculous Jobs

by Alyssa Oursler | March 29, 2013 8:10 am

Jobs Newspaper Classified WantedWhen I was growing up, my mom used to always insert a nice dose of reality into my career aspirations. “The term ‘dream job’ is an oxymoron,” she would tell me.

And while she might be right to some extent — even the job you want more than anything will probably come with parts you don’t like — she probably didn’t know about some of these jobs.

Tucked in between a world of boring business positions and typical job postings are some absurd yet awesome positions. Companies are offering to pay people to do things most of us would do for free — whether that be tasting new foods or drinks, or writing the poems for Beanie Baby tags.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five ridiculously cool jobs out there:

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Professional Sleeper

Sleeping185Who doesn’t love sleeping? I sure do — and I definitely don’t get paid for it. But soon, someone will get paid to do just that — as long as it’s in the Hotel Finn, of course.

See, the title of “professional sleeper” doesn’t do this job opening justice. Really, you’re wanted to be the guest of a newly renovated hotel for 35 days. All you have to do? Test the rooms, then write about it.

This particular hotel is located in Helsinki, Finland … meaning fluent Finnish and English are requirements, while Russian proficiency is a plus. Still, it’s a great example of how random and awesome gigs sure do exist.

If you’re interested, though, you better hurry up. The job starts in late May and, already, more than 600 people have applied[2].

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Fortune Cookie Writer

FortuneCookie185Everyone knows fortune cookies are the best part of ordering Chinese food … but do you ever think about who writes those fortunes? Someone has to.

One such someone is Donald Lau — a man recently profiled in The New Yorker[3]. He works for Wonton, the largest fortune cookie manufacturer in the world. And while it’s not his only job (he cranks out fortunes between managing accounts), it’s one nonetheless.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds, according to Lau. As the article explained:

“At first, the writing came easily. [But] there is a limited range of experience that can be expressed in one sentence, and, about eleven years into his tenure, Lau began to run out of ideas.”

If you’re full of quick inspiration, it sounds like there could be some (although probably not much) demand for fortune cookie writers.

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Cuddling185Don’t really have a way with words? Forget fortune cookies … you can be a professional snuggler instead.

Yes, you heard correctly. Some people pay others to come cuddle in bed with them — just ask 29-year-old Jackie Samuel, who started “The Snugglery.”

She charges $60 per hour for a snuggle session — no nudity or crossing sexual boundaries allowed. She started the business to supplement her income as a real estate agent, but hopes to soon hire more cuddlers and expand its geographic reach, according to The Huffington Post[4].

Of course, it might not exactly be a dream job. Most of the young lady’s customers are middle-aged men.

Still, if you simply love cuddling and want to profit off of it, maybe you could give The Snugglery a ring … or start a snuggle service of your own.

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Video Game Tester

VideoGamer185Most kids have to be pried away from the TV thanks to video games … but some adults actually get paid to do the same thing.

Video game testers are a real thing. Someone has to try out all those different levels and powers and characters (to work out all the glitches) before a game hits the shelves.

Of course, this one isn’t necessarily as glamorous as it seems.

On the upside, you get to play great new titles well in advance. But on the downside, it’s pretty monotonous; you have to do the same stuff over and over again, and (unless you’re really lucky) you have to deal with glitches constantly interrupting game play. Plus, in the last few weeks of development, testers can be forced to work quite long hours[5].

Still, that’s definitely more fun than working overtime to file people’s taxes or plan a PowerPoint presentation … don’t you think?

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Replacement Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid185I’ve always wanted to crash a wedding, but being a “stand-in bridesmaid”[6] for a bunch of folks I don’t know sounds like a close second.

Yes, that is another real profession: Sometimes, there is an uneven number of groomsmen and bridesmaids, friends have a falling out or … well, things just happen.

So, enter this save-it-all guest, who can either pretend to know the bride or just stand and smile in all the pictures. One posting for such a person read:

“So, my fiancé and I are getting married in June. He has 8 groomsmen lined up and I only have one bridesmaid. So, I need some girls who are attractive and around my age to stand up in my wedding. You can be single or taken. It doesn’t matter. … You just have to be hot. But, not hotter then me.”

Plus, the bride usually will provide your dress, along with the usual food, drink and fun of the wedding itself. Getting paid to attend what essentially turns into a party?

Sounds like a dream job to me, Mom.

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