Angry Dog Lovers Threaten Micheal Vick on Facebook

by Nate Wooley | March 13, 2013 10:00 am

michael vick[1]NFL quarterback Michael Vick is canceling a book signing tour after threats were made against him.

Vick — who was convicted and served time for felony dog fighting in 2007 — was set to tour this offseason to promote his autobiography Finally Free, reports USA Today[2].

Vick’s publisher, Worthy Publishing, had several stops scheduled but has subsequently canceled them. While not going into details, the published said that threats had been received against the Vick, his family and the retailers. Canceled signings include Atlanta, Exton, Penn., and two stops in New Jersey.

Threats have been coming in both on the player’s personal and the store’s Facebook pages. Some include:

Worthy Publishing released a statement saying, “While we stand by Michael Vick’s right to free speech and the retailers’ right to free commerce, we cannot knowingly put anyone in harm’s way, and therefore we must announce the cancellation of Mr. Vick’s book-signing appearances.”

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