Bankrupt Wayne Newton Forced to Let Go of Strange Collection

by Nate Wooley | March 15, 2013 11:44 am

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[1]Bankrupt entertainer Wayne Newton has sold off his collection of exotic animals.

Newton — who has starred in television and movies but is most famous for his Las Vegas performances — was forced to sell off the collection by a bankruptcy judge, reports ABC News[2].

In all, 280 animals were sold to a wildlife center in Oregon. The group of animals — which featured penguins, two-toed sloths and a large flock of lovebirds — brought in $27,300 when sold.

Apparently, the price of less than $100 per animal represents a significant decline in the value of exotic animals. A woman who manages the bankrupt estate’s wildlife center said in court papers that the market for exotic animals is “saturated” and that there are too many for the number of places certified to care for them.

The buyer is the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center and Sloth Captive Husband Research Center in Rainer, Ore. It houses the largest population of two-toed sloths in captivity.

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