Employee Nap Rooms Gaining in Popularity

by Nate Wooley | March 11, 2013 11:39 am

napping[1]More workplaces are encouraging employees to nap on the job.

The spread of office napping — often in 20-minute stretches in approved “nap rooms” — is said to enhance the ability of workers to concentrate for the rest of the day, reports USA Today[2].

The new trend comes as concerns mount that workers are showing more fatigue on the job. With an increased workload and globalization, more workers are tired and short of sleep. This leads to decreased quality of performance for their companies and clients.

Joel Naroff, an economist who has studied the issues, told USA Today, “What workers learn is to get the job done. While they may be trying to get it done as best as possible, the operative phrase is ‘best as possible,’ not ‘best.’” So the workplace napping might be able to combat that.

One worker — a compliance principle at an insurance firm — said, “I don’t even drink coffee anymore because you don’t need to. If you take only 20 minutes, you actually feel alert. You feel refreshed.”

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