FCC Cracks Down on Mobile Phone Robocallers

by Christopher Freeburn | March 19, 2013 10:44 am

many hands holding up generic cell phones[1]Two marketing firms who made unauthorized automated telemarketing calls — known as robocalls — to mobile phones are feeling heat from government regulators[2].

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has slapped Dialing Services and Richard Gilmore’s Democratic Dialing with citations for more than one million illegal robocalls made in 2011 and 2012. The citations could lead to fines of as much as $4.8 million, PC Magazine notes.

Both firms have been ordered to cease all robocalling to mobile phones within 15 days of the citations. The FCC could impose a fine of $16,000 per unauthorized robocalls. Under current regulations, marketers are forbidden to place non-emergency robocalls to mobile phones without the owners permission.

In the future, the firms have also been ordered to identify themselves on authorized calls made to mobile phones.

Late last year, the FCC implemented the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation act [3](CALM), forcing broadcasters to keep the volume in TV ads the same as regular programming.

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