Former NBA Star Leaves Bullets, Feces-Strewn Foreclosed Home

by Christopher Freeburn | March 5, 2013 12:20 pm

When former professional basketball player Robert Swift lost his home to foreclosure, he left the Sammamish, Wash., mansion in a state of disrepair that shocked its new owners[1].

After a young couple purchased the house in a foreclosure auction, Swift, a former player for the NBA’s Seattle Sonics, refused to leave for weeks. He also wouldn’t let the new owners inside the home, KomoNews noted.

When Swift finally did leave, the new owners discovered a trail of damage, including walls with holes punched in them, piles of garbage, guns and ammunition left strewn about the house and animal waste on the terrace. Swift had also apparently used the basement as a shooting gallery.

Swift is reported to have made as much as $20 million during his career in the NBA[2].

Last month, former NBA player Allen Iverson saw his Atlanta, Ga., mansion, purchased for $4.5 million in 2010, sold in a foreclosure auction[3] after he defaulted on a $1.2 million mortgage.

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