Lohan Can’t Fulfill Terms of Plea Deal

No rehab centers meet lockdown requirements

By Nate Wooley, InvestorPlace Writer


Lindsay LohanActress Lindsay Lohan is having trouble finding a rehab center that meets the requirements of her plea deal, and she might have to return to jail.

Lohan’s lawyer — celebrity attorney Mark Heller — promised prosecutors that, if they’d wave jail time, he’d get the star into a lockdown rehab facility for the entirety of the 90-day sentence, reports TMZ.

Well, there’s one problem. There are no rehab centers in the U.S. that promise to hold patients against their will. Patients have to be in jeopardy of taking their own lives for rehab centers to hold them. Even then, rehab centers can only hold them for three days. There is one center that is connected with a prison that meets the requirements, but it requires a felony conviction for a person to be sent there. Lindsay pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail for reckless driving and lying to police. The judge and prosecutors in the case accepted an offer that she complete her sentence in a lockdown rehab center. Since none exist the prosecution is looking at the case again. Sending Lohan to serve 90 days in jail remains an option.

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