Minivans Are No Longer the Vehicle of Choice for Moms

by Christopher Freeburn | March 22, 2013 12:08 pm

Auto Cars Transportation[1]The minivan’s reign as the popular vehicle choice for American families appears to be at its end[2].

Last year, automakers sold just 500,000 minivans in the U.S., a steep drop from 2000 when they sold 1.3 million of them. The minivan’s share of U.S. vehicle sales has fallen from 7.9% to 3%, CNBC notes.

Once the signature vehicle for soccer moms, minivans are increasingly being passed over for sports wagons and CUVs like General Motors’ (NYSE:GM[3]) Chevy Equinox and Ford‘s (NYSE:F[4]) Escape.

Analysts say that minivans may have become the victims of their own reputation, with consumers looking for more stylish, less “mom van” vehicles.

A greater variety of choices for CUVs and sports wagons may also be driving consumer choices. The are currently seven minivans models for sale in the U.S., compared to 60 sports wagons and CUVs.

Last year, Ford debuted its Ford Transit Connect Wagon, which features sliding doors and seats seven, but which company executives are trying hard not to call a minivan[5]. Ford hasn’t offered a minivan model in six years.

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