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Oops! NYC Subway Makes Costly Typo

An estimated $250,000 in maps have been thrown out


subwayThe New York City subway system just spent a lot of cash on some bad maps.

The system — run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority — has thrown away as many as 80,000 new maps costing $250,000 because they showed the wrong fare, reports the New York Post.

The maps indicated that the lowest amount that a pay-per-ride card could be purchased for is $4.50. It is actually $5 under the new pricing structure. The maps, dated March 2013, have been destroyed. New ones will not be available until March 15.

Workers for the subway system found out about the error when intercom messages started sounding in the kiosks. One station agent said, “It was an urgent message: Please don’t issue any maps to the customers.”

One union leader commented to the New York Post, “They weren’t coming out with a new map because they were changing the map. They were coming out with a new map because they were changing the price. That was the sole purpose. And they couldn’t even get that right.”

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