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Parents Have Trouble Monitoring Kids’ Internet Usage

Social media and mobile devices provide challenges


TextingParents who want to protect their kids from the hazards of the Internet are finding it harder these days.

Monitoring the ways kids use the Internet — which used to mean just checking their email — is getting harder now that they’re using social media and other sites, reports the Associated Press.

Complicating the matter is the growth of social media that is available for mobile devices. With more kids, especially teens, using mobile devices to access their social media accounts it can become difficult for a parent to provide supervision over kids’ behavior. Some teachers say teens have been caught sending nude photos or even sharing videos of school drug searches through their mobile devices.

One mother, Eileen Patterson — who considers herself to be knowledgeable about technology — has taken to shutting off her home’s wireless Internet after 9 p.m. Still, she thinks her kids know how to defeat her efforts.

“I find myself throwing up my hands every now and again,” Patterson told the AP. “Then I’ll see something on TV or read an article in the paper about some horrible thing that happened to some poor child and their family, and then I try to be more vigilant.”

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