Powerball Heads to $320 Million Jackpot

by Nate Wooley | March 21, 2013 9:14 am

Powerball-112512L[1]For the 12th drawing in a row the Powerball lottery on Wednesday saw no winner and the jackpot is getting very high.

The Powerball — in which players hope to match five numbers and a “Powerball Number” — jackpot now sits at $320 million with two more days until Saturday’s drawing, reports ABC News[2].

The $320 million figure is preliminary and could be higher depending on the number of tickets sold before the next drawing. There is also a one-time cash option that will pay a single winner $198.3 million dollars.

It’s the third time in a year that the jackpot has passed $250 million. In January 2012, the price of each ticket doubled to $2 and that began to increase the potential prizes much faster. Last November two winners — a man in Arizona and a couple in Missouri — shared the highest Powerball win ever at $587.5 million.

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