Say Goodbye to These McDonald’s Menu Items

by Christopher Freeburn | March 1, 2013 11:41 am

[1]Not everything that joins McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[2]) menu stays there[3].

The iconic fast food chain announced on Thursday that it is dropping several items from its list of offerings in order to accommodate new items that will debut later this year, the Chicago Tribune notes.

McDonald’s diners can say goodbye to Chicken Selects and apple walnut salads. The Angus Third Pounder, introduced in 2009, may also be cut, though the a company spokesperson indicated that McDonald’s still considering the burger’s future.

A McDonald’s franchisee first reported the menu changes via Twitter and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB[4]) earlier this week, though those postings were subsequently removed.

Last month, the burger chain added Fish McBites[5], a limited-time product made from the fish in its Filet-O-Fish Sandwich, to its menu.

Shares of McDonald’s slipped fractionally in Friday morning trading.

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