Warning! Don’t Wear Your Google Glasses to This Seattle Bar

by Christopher Freeburn | March 12, 2013 12:10 pm

Google Glass[1]Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG[2]) recently debuted high-tech glasses have already received a frosty reception from one self-described dive bar[3].

Seattle’s The Five Point bar has warned patrons on its Facebook (NASDAQ:FB[4]) page that Google Glass has been prohibited at the establishment and that “ass kickings are encouraged” for tech admirers who flout the ban, CNET notes.

The $1,500 a pair glasses aren’t available to consumers yet, but The Five Point’s management says that even in tech-friendly Seattle, the bar’s patrons wouldn’t take kindly to having their pictures taken while drinking. The bar’s owner also conceded that he was having some fun at Google’s expense.

Google unveiled plans for its eyeglasses, which can capture images and record video[5], last year.

The glasses are part of a trend toward wearable computer technology[6] that may eventually be joined by Apple‘s (NASDAQ:AAPL[7]) much-rumored, but as yet unannounced, flexible display wristwatch.

Shares of Google sank about 1% in Tuesday midday trading.

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