When News Coverage Shrinks, So Does Viewers’ Interest

by Nate Wooley | March 18, 2013 2:22 pm

man on bench looking at stock prices in newspaper 630[1]Almost one-third of news consumers say that they have stopped reading or watching a new source after it cut back on coverage.

The findings come in a report — put together by the Pew Research Center in its 2013 State of the News Media study — concerning the news consumption habits of the American public, reports USA Today[2].

Readers and viewers fall off quickly as newspapers and television stations cut back on staff and coverage. As stories get shorter and coverage less detailed, more people tune out from those news outlets; 31% of news consumers say they’ve stopped watching or reading outlets that have reduced the amount of original news that is reported.

As traditional news outlets cut back due to declining revenue, users are turning more and more to social media and sponsored stories for their news content. Because of this, newsmakers are beginning to restrict access to reporters and other forms of outreach in which they can’t fully control the message.

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