Where Pandora Will Be Ad-Free Until 2014

by Nate Wooley | March 21, 2013 11:31 am

Pandora[1]The recent move by streaming radio service Pandora (NYSE:P[2]) to limit free access caused quite a stir[3].

But not on Windows 8 phones. The new version of the app — which was promised by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT[4]) at the phone’s launch — will provide an ad-free experience through 2013, reports Slashgear[5].

Microsoft says that the ad-free system — which is usually only available to Pandora’s premium subscribers — is a thank you to Pandora fans for waiting until the system became available for Windows 8 phones. The thank you also includes unlimited streaming for free listeners. Users will also be able to use the services “Live Tile” system, which allows people to get info on the artists being played.

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