Why McDonald’s Is Giving Away a Million Menu Items

by Nate Wooley | March 14, 2013 11:08 am

McDonald's NYSE:MCD[1]Free breakfast McMuffins will soon be the thing at McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD[2]) restaurants in China.

The fast food chain — which promises to give away more than one million of the sandwiches next Monday — is making the giveaway immediately after a planned TV show about corporate malpractice, reports Reuters[3].

The chain says the timing of the two events is not related. However, last year the TV show 3.15 criticized McDonald’s for a lack of food safety and the company was forced to apologize. The show’s annual consumer watchdog report is very popular and negative coverage can impact a company for months.

“The minute there are questions about your practices that appear in any way credible, that can be devastating to consumer trust and extremely difficult to get back,” said Jame Roy, a senior analyst with China Market Watch.

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